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 Friday 20th October 2017

Please note: We have been having technical problems with our Landline numbers. If you cannot get through to us, please call us on one of the following Cell phone numbers. Our Land line numbers are: 043 721 1123  / 043 721 3585. If these are not available please call us on our cell numbers:

Rodney       082 482 6308 

Rudi            083 236 5103

Nyameko     072 414 1591    


The Agricultural Produce Agents Council (APAC) August 2016 newsletter is now available on our Website. To download this letter please click here. Relevant information is very important to all those who deal with the Fresh Produce Markets and Agents.


The Department of Agriculture (DAFF) requests that Producers read and comment on the Prokon Fee Notice. You can download the notice by clicking here.


Agents who make use of our PDF Account Sales Service are beginning to advertize on our website. You can see their logos on the top right of the screen. If you want their contact details simply "left click" on the advert as it appears. We hope to have many more agents details appearing soon. We trust that this will lead to many contacts being made for the benefit of the Fresh Produce industry and the Fresh Produce Markets in particular!!!


Technofresh is about the business of information. Technofresh is here to serve the Fresh Produce Industry. Get what you need in order to know what is going on with your deliveries or the volumes and prices of all the products being traded on the National Fresh Produce Markets every Monday to Friday. If you need information - we can supply.

Get the Online Market Reconciliation System  this helps you keep track of your deliveries and get you updated every day with sales, amendments and payments on your market deliveries. No hard work required, we do all that for you. Reports are available in PDF, Excel and CSV format for your convenience to use in other applications.

Get the Fresh Stats facility for volumes traded, the stock as well as the average prices for all products on all the South African Fresh Produce markets, with a history going back to March 2005. Reports are also available On Screen, in PDF and Excel format so you can use the data offline if needed. 

Get us to send you Account Sales on behalf of your Market Agents. So far the majority of agents are making use of our service. Contact your agent or see the list under PDF Account sales info on the right of your screen.

Get the products that meet your information needs. We invite you to contact us for information.

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Click here to see a list of all the Agents for which we supply Account sales via email.


We are in the process of developing a mobile option for our services. We trust that this will meet t
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