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"We provide the technical know-how and information to bridge the gap between the Producer, the Markets, and their Market Agents"

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About Us

The importance of available, accurate and reliable information to the Fresh Produce Industry was the driving force behind establishing Technofresh (Pty) Ltd in 2002. Since then, through the combined initiative and contributions of major role players in the industry, Technofresh has unlocked the hidden value of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) that already existed on the local Fresh Produce Markets. In so doing we have empowered the Producer, Market and Market Agent to take full advantage of the information held therein.

The company is situated in East London, but we are able to provide support anywhere due to the simplicity of our products and improved communication methods. We pride ourselves in service excellence and have established close relationships with many of our clients over the many years.

Board of Directors:

Dr Justy Range (Chairman. Portfolio: Technical)

Dave Larkan (Managing Director)

Dot Baily (Portfolio: Technical)

Elfranco Hoogenhout (Portfolio: Marketing)

Hendrik Eksteen

Attie Horn (Portfolio: Financial)


Rodney Trollip (Manager)

Nolien Gryffenberg (Financial Admin and Client Support)

Nyameko Ntshona (Data and Client Support)

Robert Jacobs (Data and Client Support)

Since 2002

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Since 2016

Since 2017

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